Are you a self-employed business owner based in North Somerset?

Are you too busy working to develop your business?

 If so, then you are missing out on earning a higher income and gaining more freedom!

Without planned and continuous development, business owners can get stuck on the self-employment treadwheel, going round and round but never getting to where they wish, or need, to be.

You are on the treadwheel if one or more of the following apply to your business:

1. Under-trading or performing below required levels;
2. Trading well for most of the time but prone to dips in sales and turnover;
3. Trading well but turnover remains at the same level; or
4. Over-trading and overwhelmed with work

If any of the above describes your business then this indicates that its development has stopped and needs to be reactivated!

If the development of your business is ignored, or not given the time it needs to be really effective, then this will continue to cause time, profit and cash flow issues.

The answer lies within three words:

Keep Moving Forward

You can start to take immediate action to leave the treadwheel and start moving forward by contacting Nigel Ford at Cost Control Services by telephone on 07769 698841 or by email via for a free consultation.