The Risk Business

Working in any part of the building and construction sector is a risky business!

Any working building site becomes highly visible and very audible when it produces noise, dust, fumes and an increase in traffic.

Consequently, those undertaking building work are highly likely to attract the attention of enforcement bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive and the Environmental Agency.

Whatever your trade and the type of project (maintenance, conversions, refurbishment, extensions and new build), whether it be for domestic or commercial clients, irrespective of value or size of contract and regardless if you employ others or work on your own, the rules and regulations relating to the construction and building services sector will apply to you.

So, if you were subject to an inspection today, would you be aware of the following:

  1. The powers inspectors have to gain entry and what they can do on site;
  2. The general laws and regulations you and your business would be checked against;
  3. The specific regulations relating to the construction and building sector;
  4. The enforcement options open to inspectors;
  5. The penalties for non-compliance; and
  6. Why the self-employed deregulation changes did not apply to the building sector.

If you want to know the facts in order to start reducing your risk today then contact me now either by sending an email via  or call Nigel Ford direct at Cost Control Services on 07769 698841.